Fellygant is a world-class online network marketing company born out of a strong desire to eradicate poverty and empower individuals, private and public organizations financially all over the world to generally enhance their standard of living.

At FELLYGANT INT’L, we believe that anyone can experience FINANCIAL FREEDOM with just a little amount of money and effort. You do not need a fortune before making it in life. This company therefore provides a wonderful platform for the poor, less-privileged, orphans, widows/widowers, students, workers, house-wives… and indeed everyone to experience financial uplifting/prosperity OR wealth maximization.

FELLYGANT INT’L is set to provide great human capacity development projects for the betterment of its members, via its professional skill acquisition/Entrepreneurial Development (The period for this training is 3 to 6 months) and Leadership Training services. We believe this will provoke a paradigm shift in members’ mindsets that will propel them towards achieving greatness in their various endeavors.

FELLYGANT INT’L as an organization is committed to having the best compensation plan (which is highly achievable, realistic and sustainable); affordable and effective services; systems that keeps our customers coming back; and the best culture of any company. Our dedicated, committed and hardworking members are massively rewarded with All Expenses Paid Travel incentives, Cars, Land, Groceries, Business Grant, Housing Funds, Household and Office gadgets to further inspire them to excel in their networking experience.



Our vision is to create a better every-day life for many people via the multi-level marketing platform


Raising the standard of people around the globe via empowerment and networking.

  • Reliability
  • Consistency
  • Honesty
  • Service to others
  • Motivation

About CEO


The brain behind this organization is Mrs. Felicia E. Onojeguo popularly known in the multi-level marketing world as “ELEGANTLADY”. A professional network marketer of repute, she has over twenty (20) years experience in this field. Her success stories have been a great source of motivation for lots of persons across the globe!!! She has promoted so many companies in the past and has travelled all over the country as a resource person cum motivator in various mlm conferences and seminars. She qualified for and got 17 cars and countless phones, laptops and household n office gadgets. Lots of widows and orphans have also benefited maximally from her largesse. She has personally sponsored lots and lots of skill acquisition trainings too. Under her leadership and tutelage, many of her team members also achieved financial freedom. Indeed, ELEGANTLADY is a force to be reckoned with in the multi-level marketing world……Her tenacity, dedication, hardwork and determination is unparalleled!! She rose from NOTHING to AFFLUENCE. Let’s hear her story…..


My story is one orchestrated by God and I am forever grateful to Him. I joined multilevel marketing when things were pretty rough. These were days of lack, wants and deprivation. Days of begging for food, days of soaking garri, blue days, dark days. But by GOD’S GRACE I decided to get serious with my mlm business and after several years I made it big in it. The beginning was tough, hard and tedious but I did not give up. I simply refused to give up even in the midst of many, many NOs. I kept looking for the few YESs until I got them. Unfortunately, there are many that come into the Network Marketing world and expect to be millionaires in their first few days. This is simply unreasonable and unrealistic. You refer others to the business and build your team dedicatedly and with time, you will discover that you have grown astronomically…. Then and only then will you start seeing the six (6) figures.

I knew that my dream of making life more meaningful would not materialize via mere wishes so I had to put in lots of HARDWORK, COMMITMENT, FOCUS & PRAYERS!!! Today that dream is made manifest as FELLYGANT INTERNATIONAL IS BIRTHED ON THIS AUSPICIOUS DAY OF 23rd SEPTEMBER, 2019!!!! God be PRAISED!!!

Partner with us at Fellygant so we can ….MAKE LIVES MORE MEANINGFUL!!!