Frequently Asked Questions


    Fellygant International is a world-class online network marketing company born out of a strong desire to eradicate poverty and empower individuals, private and public organizations financially all over the world to generally enhance their standard of living.

  • It costs U a one-time payment of $20/#4000 only.

  • For you to register as a member of Fellygant International contact the person (who is already our registered member) member who introduced you to the program to provide you with the registration details or you contact us on for additional help or inquiries.

  • Once you become our member, a platform is automatically created for you to acquire massive wealth via our compensation plan and the other services we offer. The awards at the end of each stage (which include All Expenses Paid International Travel incentives, Cars, Groceries/Provisions, Household and Office gadgets) are also mouth-watering.

  • Yes, multiple accounts are allowed to enable you increase your income capacity. It will also cause massive spill-over and spill-under in your matrix, making it fill faster.

  • • Yes you can. Your referral capacity is limitless but it is advised you refer active members. The more you refer, the more your earnings increase.

  • Make payments into the company bank account below. After payment, send email to indicating the following details:

    1. Name of Depositor
    2. Amount Deposited
    3. Date of Deposition
    4. Bank of Deposit
    5. Your username where e-wallet will be credited.

    Your e-wallet will be credited within 24 hours into your fellygant user account.

    Bank: Zenith Bank
    Acc. Number: 1016465250

  • You can receive your payment either via your local bank account or e-wallet by placing withdrawal request from your fellygant user account and choosing either cash or e-wallet option under DESCRIPTION. Bank transfer charges of 5% apply on any bank transfer into your local bank account. This charge applies, irrespective of your domain bank. Minimum withdrawal amount is $25/#5000.

  • There is a 20% deduction on Stages 1 to 3 cash options on Rewards/Incentives. Accordingly, this translates to the following:

    Cash Option:

    Starlet Stage: $24/#4,800

    Star Stage: $80#16,000

    Victor Stage: $200/#40,000

    Stages 4 and 5 Cash Options are:

    Elegant Stage: $15,000/#3,000,000 (in place of the 1st car)

    Fellygant Stage: $25,000/#5million (in place of the 2nd bigger car).

    N.B: Once you qualify for any award, please send a notification to

  • You get the sum of $1500/#300,000 in place of the international trip award.

  • Click on REGISTER MEMBER from your BACKOFFICE page and the registration form will pop up. Fill it appropriately. Take note that you must be a registered member before you can register a new member.

  • Go to the Login page and click on “Lost password”. You will be directed to input the email address you used for your registration. A link will be sent to your email. Click on the link and you will be redirected to a page where you will change your password.

  • We have made our compensation plan and policies so simple. FELLYGANT car award comes up TWICE IN A YEAR. But you will get any other award or incentive within one week of qualifying, except the international trip which comes up twice a year. Once you qualify for any award, please send a notification to

    As for your bonuses, once you have made withdrawal from your back office AND sent a notification email to, You will receive either cash alert from your local bank account or e-wallet (depending on the choice you made during withdrawal under DESCRIPTION) EVERY MONDAY. Take note that Withdrawal/cashout is done by members EVERY Thursday between 8am and 11.59pm while Payment is made by the company every Monday!!! Thus EVERY MONDAY IS AN ALERT DAY AT FELLYGANT!!!!

  • NO!!! NEVER!!! Usernames last forever.

    Your username is used in your personal URL which links to your personal FELLYGANT INTERNATIONAL website. It is permanent and can never be changed. So choose a username that you are comfortable with.

  • Yes, there is both spill-over and spill-under in our forced matrix system. But you don't need to depend on spillovers and spill-unders before you grow. Just WALK THE WORK of referring a minimum of two ACTIVE persons and you will be amazed at the effect as your downlines duplicate your efforts.

  • At FELLYGANT, members can process registration with E-wallet.

  • YES. Your earnings and bonuses are displayed in your Member’s Back Office, in a detailed and self explanatory manner.

  • This is your virtual cash that can ONLY be used for registration. It is the virtual cash in exchange for your physical cash for online registration on our website.

  • NO!!! U cannot withdraw your registration wallet. It is strictly for registration but can be transferred to another member for registrations.

  • This is your earnings for participating in our Compensation plan by introducing others to join and benefit from the company. It is the summation of your referral bonus, step-out bonus and matrix bonus. YOUR REWARD WALLET MUST EITHER BE WITHDRAWN INTO YOUR LOCAL BANK ACCOUNT OR EXCHANGED FOR REGISTRATION WALLET!!!! It cannot be used directly for registration of new members.

  • NO, our organization is not an investment scheme but a reputable organization saddled with the responsibility to provide different services as indicated on our services page to its registered members. We permit a single registration of individuals who wants to enjoy our many services.

    Therefore, this is neither a ponzi scheme nor a pyramid scheme. We pay our members who would like to engage in affiliate marketing through our compensation plan in other to earn a living.

  • Genealogy is the tree that shows your network. It shows your Rank and Stage per time as well as the Downlinks under you.

  • After completing the last stage, a member has the option of starting again from Feeder stage.

  • For more enquiries and clarifications, kindly contact our Support team through the Support page by sending a message or call the Support hotline. You can also send a message to